You can reach Mongolia by air or train, with the most convenient option being international air travel to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city and major hub. Chinggis Khan International Airport, located 45 km southwest of Ulaanbaatar, serves as the primary international gateway to Mongolia.

International flights to/from Mongolia are operated by various airlines, including:

  1. MIAT Mongolian Airlines:
    • Ulaanbaatar-Berlin-Moscow
    • Ulaanbaatar-Beijing
    • Ulaanbaatar-Frankfurt
    • Ulaanbaatar-Seoul
    • Ulaanbaatar-Busan
    • Ulaanbaatar-Tokyo
    • Ulaanbaatar-Osaka
    • Ulaanbaatar-Hong Kong
    • Ulaanbaatar-Bangkok
    • Ulaanbaatar-Guangzhou
  1. AIR CHINA: Ulaanbaatar-Beijing
  2. AEROFLOT: Ulaanbaatar-Moscow
  3. KOREAN AIR: Ulaanbaatar-Seoul
  4. TURKISH AIRLINES: Ulaanbaatar-Istanbul
  5. AIR ASIANA: Ulaanbaatar-Incheon
  6. HUNNU AIR: Ulaanbaatar-Ulan-Ude, Ulaanbaatar-Manzhouli, Ulaanbaatar-Erlian, Ulaanbaatar-Baotou
  7. AERO MONGOLIA: Ulaanbaatar-Irkutsk, Ulaanbaatar-Huhhot, Ulaanbaatar-Tianjin
  8. EZNIS AIRWAYS: Ulaanbaatar-Hong Kong
  9. SCAT AIRLINE: Ulaanbaatar-Nur Sultan
  10. AIR BUSAN: Ulaanbaatar-Busan

International flights

MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Air China
Korean Airlines

Domestic Flights

Ezinis Airways
Aero Mongolia