Visitor Corner

for Mongolia Mining 2023

Why Visit?

Mongolia Mining expo is a practical and efficient platform for all enterprises and individuals that are actively operating and/or seeking opportunity to enter in Mongolian mining and mineral sector. The event is the most important gathering of professionals and companies to network with potential clients, promote products and services, and discuss future trend of the sector.

The expo has expanded its outreach and importance every year since 2011. In initial year Mongolia Mining expo had 70 exhibitors and 978 visitors, in 2012 90 exhibitors from 15 different countries, 2520 visitors, in 2013 120 exhibitors from 15 countries, 3400 visitors. The fact that 128 exhibitors from 16 countries and more than 4100 visitors have participated the 4th edition of Mongolia Mining expo shows that Mongolia Mining became a truly international event.

Mongolia Mining aims to bring the cutting-edge technology to Mongolia’s fast growing mining sector and, on the other hand, provide our exhibitors with superior opportunities of collaboration in not only mining industry, but also in a number of related sectors. Majority of our international exhibitors are displaying their products for the first time in Mongolia to enter this flourishing market. By visiting Mongolia Mining 2015 expo, Mongolian business people from mining and infrastructure sectors are able to see the latest technologies and find their partners from Europe, Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, North America and Asian other countries, which has only been possible by having to travel abroad before.

Other benefits of attending include but not limited to:
  • The cutting-edge technology is brought to local business.
  • A great opportunity to promote multilateral cooperation between international and local mining companies.
  • Gathering of partners and contractors.
  • Presentations by the industry key operators and companies.
  • Opportunity to acquire the latest information on industry trend.
Mongolia Mining Expo is welcome to exhibitors and visitors from mining and exploration companies, service providers and equipment suppliers, evaluation and consulting companies, investment and financing institutions as well as representatives of multilateral organizations interested in this crucial industry.