Booth information
and prices

A number of indoor exhibition booth packages are available; 6 sq.m, 9 sq. m, 12 sq.m and 18 sq.meters. Large outdoor area for suppliers of large equipment and machinery are present. Though locations of exhibitor booths and equipment area spaces are not exactly in equal terms in visibility, the same prices apply for all booths of the same sizes in the main hall. Exhibitors are offered spaces as per their ranking evaluated by their annual participation, sponsoring and loyalty. 

Standard Booth

6 sq.m, 9sq.m and variations available

$ 390 sq.m
  • Furniture

    Furniture 1x white information counter Carpet 2x chairs 1x wastepaper basket

  • Lighting

    2x fluorescent lights will be provided (mounted behind fascia)

  • Power socket

    x 13amp/220v single-phase power socket will be provided with for every shell scheme booth

  • Company name on fascia
  • Company listing on the event website
  • Company listing in the event guide
  • Company logo on event guidebook
  • Standard booth $300/SQ.M

    Space only 9m2, Standard package including wall, carpet, logo with company name, table, chair and power socket

  • Outdoor Area $150/SQ.M

    Outdoor area of exhibition hall is welcome to exhibit mining machinery and heavy equipment. *Minimum size 50.sq.m

Exhibitor Package Includes

  • Exhibitor badge for two people for each standard booth
  • Daily free lunch for exhibitor badge holders
  • Gala dinner ticket 

Activities/events every exhibitor may join

  • Presentation sessions of other exhibitors 
  • Daily lunch (free for exhibitors)
  • Gala dinner (If booked)

Early bird registration discount

  • Exhibitors who register and pay for their stand fee before March 31, 2024 will enjoy 10% discount from all prices. 


An Exhibitor will be responsible for losses incurred upon for its late cancellation and compensate the Organizer for its losses, should the Exhibitor fail to provide timely written notice of cancellation of all or any part of its assigned booth space. Cancellation charges are applied as per the following schedule: 

  • From June 30 to July 31, 2024 – 25% of the stand fee;
  • From August 1 to August 31, 2024 – 50 % of the stand fee;
  • On or after  September 1, 2024 – 100% of the stand fee and the payment will be retained by the Organizer as cancellation charge